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Teaching Excellence Award

The principal aims of the Award are:

  • Recognize and reward distinguished teachers

  • Commitment in supporting a teaching culture

  • Enhance the effectiveness of academic programs delivery

    In determining excellence, the selection panel will seek to identify outstanding practitioners who are able to provide, over a variety of teaching situations and for a sustained period of time, evidence of their performance under some or all of the criteria noted below. The panel will bear in mind that candidates are not necessarily excellent across all the criteria.

  • Commitment to the school strategy to implement outcomes-based teaching and learning

  • A high level of competency in motivating and facilitating student learning

  • Constructive contribution to the teaching culture and performance

  • Development of teaching innovations and improvements

    The brief should include a statement of "teaching philosophy" - a short description of how you think learning occurs and how you organize your teaching and assessment to facilitate learning. This statement provides a backdrop for the rest of the material included in the portfolio. The brief should include evidence from several sources (if available), self-assessment; students; colleagues, and others.

    Leadership Excellence Award

    The IATOPL Award for Leadership and Collaboration in International Education and Exchange, the award recognizes those who have displayed imaginative activity, outstanding personal enterprise, and creative contributions to the field of international education through research, writing, or program development.

    Criteria Used by the Awards Subcommittee to Select Nominees:

  • Contributed to the field of international education and exchange through research, publications or activity which has made a difference to the profession

  • Displayed imaginative activity, outstanding personal enterprise, and creative contributions to the field through research, writing, or program development

    Distinguished Contribution Award

    The award recognizes the ongoing outstanding contribution of a professional colleague in international education who has led groundbreaking initiatives that improved international education in their territory.

    The principal aims of the Award are:

  • Recognize excellence practice and celebrate the outstanding contribution of individuals and teams for the quality and innovation in international education

  • Encourage outstanding research thesis which benefits the broader international education arena

  • Enhance the commitment for higher education, vocational education and training, schools and pathway programs

    The strength and diversity of the nominations for these awards is testimony to the excellent work being undertaken across country in international education in all sectors.

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