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Certificate in Mental Calculation (CMC)

Calculation with imaging the beads of the abacus in the brain is called a mental calculation by the abacus method. Each column of the abacus consists of five beads, and can display any number from zero to nine, ten numbers. Abacus is a very unique device that enables one to grasp the numbers intuitively. Abacus also makes it easier to image the beads to display the numbers instead of the Arabic numerals. Finding an approximate number and making rough estimations can also be done with using mental calculation. You will be able to get a good sense of the numbers in your daily life by improving your ability to make judgments and to analyze the development of the right-brain. The human brain consists of the right brain (creation, Imagination, inspiration) and left brain (logic and analysis). People tend to use their left brain when they calculate the paper and pencil way. But when people use the abacus for calculation, or if they use mental calculation, they are using the right-brain. Abacus exercises the brain and the fingers bringing lasting benefits to people of all ages. The effective results of abacus learning has attracted the attention of medical and health professionals for rehabilitation of neurological disorders and other diseases such as dementia.

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