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Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA)

Self assessment or risk self assessment is a tool for acquiring information about business process risks, while empowering the process owners to take responsibility for identifying and mitigating those risks. The Certification in Control Self-assessment is a specialty certification designed for practitioners of control self-assessment. Individuals at any CSA experience level will benefit from this comprehensive program. Gaining the required knowledge of areas such as risk and control models — often considered the realm of auditors only — exposes CSA practitioners from all backgrounds to concepts that are vital in effectively using CSA to help clients achieve their objectives.

The Certification in Control Self-assessment is our specialty certification to be offered by the Board of Regents in the history of IATOPL. The new CCSA certification program will identify the skill sets needed by successful CSA practitioners, measure proficiency in CSA, and provide guidance for CSA initiatives.

To receive the CCSA designation, professionals must satisfy educational and professional work experience requirements and successfully complete an exam designed to test an individual's proficiency in control self-assessment.

To email INFOIATOPL@IATOPL.ORG a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.


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